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How to Register For YMCA Programs Online

How to access Online Registration

How to Choose a Program Category

How to Browse the Program List

How to Log In

How to Submit Payment

How to Submit the Registration

Additional Notes

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(1)     choose a program category


Once you have entered the Program Registration area you will see::



·        Aquatics

·        Family

·        Fitness

·        Teen

·        Youth Sports


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(2)         browse program list


Once you have selected all of your criteria using the “Program Category” selections,  you will see a list of programs with the following info:


·        a brief description of the program

·    the fee for a Facility Member and the higher fee for Non Members

·    the date(s) that the program begins and ends

·    the  time(s) the program begins and ends

·    the day(s) the class is held

·    how many slots still remain open

·    if there are no slots available the number of people on the waiting  list

·    last but not least the orange block with “register” is the button you click to register for that class.


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(3)         sign in to register


Once you click on the orange button register  your login screen will appear. To login for the first time, you should have your membership card or your YMCA ID# in front of you. 






·        if you do not have your Photo ID membership card in front of you, or if you do not yet have a photo id membership card, you can also type in your last name, first name and the same password as described above…your name & password will have to match exactly what our database holds, so if your name is Stephen and we have you in our database as Steve, you will have to use Steve not Stephen to log into the system.  Your membership ID card has your name printed exactly the same as we have in our database.









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(4)         submit payment information


Once you have selected the program you want to register for you must enter your credit card information.



·        “Add to Cart” it will total the programs and allow you to “Continue” adding on more programs

·        “Logoff” to stop registration completely.


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(5) submit registration


Once you are sure that you want to register for all the programs selected:


·        Click on Proceed to Checkout!  to begin the checkout procedure. You will receive a confirmation on your screen for printing and you and it will be emailed to you for future reference.  Your credit card will be charged the Total that appears on the confirmation receipt.

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(6) additional notes


·        Your registration will immediately update to our database at the Front Desk computers and be logged for the day…if you need to make any changes after you have confirmed your registration you will have to contact us at MEMBERSHIP@WESTFIELDYNJ.ORG or call (908) 233-2700 to make the changes for you.


If you have a question about your login, password or the actual registration procedure you may Email: helpymcawnc.org and your question will be responded to within 24 hours.

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